ECC 011: Casting The Justice League


It’s finally here! TC and Karina Michelle cast the Justice League Of America! Join us as we give our choices for who we would cast as each member of a live-action Justice League movie! We discuss the rumor of Jason Momoa being cast as Aquaman as well as answer viewer questions. You can’t miss this JLA extravaganza!

Featured Artwork by Xionice and Alex Ross

2 thoughts on “ECC 011: Casting The Justice League”

  1. I love all the casting choices, but my dream Joker is Willem Dafoe. If you google Willem Dafoe Joker the pictures that come up are just unreal. He’d look exactly like the Arkham game series version of The Joker. And based on his Green Goblin, I think he’d be perfect. And If its supposed to be an older Joker because of an older Batman, it could work I think. What do you think?

  2. I agree with most of Karina’s choices except for batman because personally i think Scott Adkins is the perfect batman and even Charlie Hunam is the aqua man a movie needs. I just hope her and TC’s casting choices can one day come to life.

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