ECC 026: The Amazing Spiderman 2

Spidey-Sense Activated! Karina Michelle and I (TC) discuss the polarizing 2014 film “The Amazing Spiderman 2” along with ranting over whether we are fans of the “old school” or “new school” Spiderman films. We also discuss the Gotham pilot and why we think the show has tremendous potential. Grab your web-shooters and sling on over to to check out the show!

One thought on “ECC 026: The Amazing Spiderman 2”

  1. Great show guys but I completely disagree with with karina on this movie, the relationship between the two characters was what did it for me in the film. the chemistry between the two character was amazing. What I love about this film is the fact that they stay more true to the comics, I lived the old school spiderman but I hated the fact that he didn’t have web shooters

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