ECC 105: Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition (2016)

Welcome back to the podcast made by fans about the fandoms you love; Epic Comicast! This week Karina and I (TC) break down the Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition as we gear up for San Diego Comic-Con! Is this a better movie? Does it change our initial impression of the DCEU? Come a long for the ride! We hope you enjoy! Visit us over at to check out more of our podcast episodes!


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Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition (2016)
Was This A Better Movie?
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One thought on “ECC 105: Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition (2016)”

  1. They are funny. But they don’t have much of an argument. They just don’t like the take on the characters.
    Many (not all) of their gripes suggest either they didn’t watch closely, or they were setting up strawmen. BvS is a film you kind of have to look through. Their critiques of the actual BvS fight mean they really missed the point of the movie. The point of the movie is that the world has become irrational. The point of to the movie is that if we were confronted with the reality of the gods that people believed in circa -750B.C. then we would start thinking like the people of -750 B.C.
    What is everyone concerned with in this film? How do we please the gods? Are they jealous? Are they angry? Are they here to help? Should we worship them? Should we shun them?
    These are not rational questions. These are pre-philosophical questions. Philisophical questions are “What can I know? How shall I best behave? How shall we best be governed?” These questions didn’t take concern mankind until people stopped fearing Zeus. Then you have a people who were spiritually inclined with no spirit to believe in. From this sprung philosophy.

    They praise Alfred in the podcast for his “Powerlessness makes men irrational” speech then fault Batman for being irrational in the middle of a fight. (BTW, the guy hosting the show has clearly never been in a fight).

    This movie is about people succumbing to the passions, sacrificing rationality for fear and doing terrible things to feel powerful again. This is a critique of us as people. This is what Bruce sees in the “Martha” sequence. Not that Clark is human; no, Bruce sees that he’s become Joe Chill. That he stands over a man who is not his enemy, ready to kill, just so he can feel powerful and safe. He’s seeing himself as become the same kind of monster that took his family.

    Superman tries and tries to be rational, to be calm, but when Batman just won’t listen, like the press just wouldn’t listen, like the gov’t just wouldn’t listen, Superman said “So be it. You want to see power, I’ll show you power,” and he through Bruce through a building. He’s finally been pulled to the level of Man.

    Civil War is the Blink 182 of Super Hero films
    BvS is a Tool album.

    I’m a fan of both.

    Ultimately, it’s a question of taste. The movie I’ll show to my family is Civil War; the movie I’ll watch alone is BvS.

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