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Super Power Beat Down (RYU vs. GREEN RANGER)

This EPIC battle has definitely been long anticipated. Check out the guys behind Bat In The Sun productions as they deliver with another epic showdown between two legends. Check out our Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger episode of Epiccomicast (podcast) by visiting us over at or searching for us in iTunes and Stitcher Radio!

History Of Green Lantern

Hey ECC Family!

I just wanted to share this AWESOME youtube video by OFIDYAN (Parker Morris) showcasing the history of all the Green Lantern’s of earth. The video was made a while back so it excludes recent events such as Green Lantern: Rebirth and the newest Green Lantern; Simon Baz. Check it out anyway, he’s pretty accurate with this timeline. I’d love to see a version of this for The Flash!


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